Friday, March 20, 2009

A Demon Called 'Solitude'

Life of an individual is becoming very fast day by day, he has to face some unexpected sequences in every sphere, it may be in education, employment, business social or personal life. Due to growing materialism in thoughts, the human beings are becoming self-centered and don’t want to bother about their surroundings.
The cause behind these circumstances may be due to clutter of competition or population explosion and decrease in the rate of opportunities . In other words, there is a cut thorough competition in each and every sphere of life. It is very difficult to find out a single person who is ready to listen something which is of no use to him, it’s just wastage of time for him. To some extent, he is very much right in his approach because he knows if he can’t make use of time properly, he would lag behind and be a loser in the long run.
But don’t you think, under these circumstances an individual who wants to share something about his day today experiences, would find himself all alone in an imaginary island. He would become prey of the cruel demon, literary called ‘solitude’, where he can’t help himself but decay internally. His all efforts to bring back the normalcy in his thoughts would go astray.
As a result, it is very much possible, he would try to escape himself by indulging in some unhealthy activities. Probably by consuming liquor or some other so called anti-tension drugs. This seems to be a good escape but for a short interval but would impart bad effect on physical as well as mental health in the long run. Gradually, it would lead him to the place of no return or towards the end of the whole episode.
Now, under both the cases he would be a loser either by bearing up the prevailing circumstances or practising some artificial means to cure his ill fated peace of mind. At this juncture, the fate of the patient would insecure, he might wait for a ray of hope and blessing of God almighty who has put himself in this tough examination. This stage comes in the life of each and every person, the shape & span may differ, and he has to pass come but may. It is upto him how efficiently and effectively he would work out for a wonderful solution for the welfare his own self.
If you are the victim of the likewise circumstances a very effective and narrow escape here is to pen down your thoughts, your feelings whenever you get a little bit of time and see, you would feel yourself in relief to a great extent. In a nut shell, be optimistic and have faith in your own self and the Supreme Power.


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  5. i totally agree with you,, the americans call this symptoms as depression

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